Zero To One

December 14th, 2020 10:53

Zero To One is a book by Peter Thiel about companies which create something new in the world. Peter Thiel is the famous founder of Paypal. In this book he takes us on a journey, not only of the Paypal experience but also lays out lots of foundational concepts encapsulate what it takes to create a company like Paypal.

It talks about how some companies innovate and start the growth of a new sector, a sector which had been previously ignored, but by innovation, has come into existence. Zero to one is about invention. Most of it is focused on the software companies. Using the bits Zero To One is an apt name to describe such a digital innovation.

It also talks about situations which are 1 to N. Which is where you take the innovation that has come into being and scale it out, so that it can serve more people, more countries, and even the whole world. 1 to N, is about copying, about establishing processes and managing those processes, but 0 to 1 is about innovating.

The book is brilliant, because even though it tells a story, it also talks a lot about concepts and questions. Questions that you must ask yourself and for which you must find the answers yourself. Because no one else has asked those questions. Overall, it is the type of book, which you can read again and again. Highly recommend the book!

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